Worker ‘lie’ costs council £750K

July 1, 2009

A council faces a huge legal bill after a social worker concealed her criminal past and allegedly lied in court.

Lynda Barnes, 56, worked for the council for four years despite having been convicted of conspiracy to murder.

After Mrs Barnes, of Nailsea, allegedly lied under oath in a family court case an inquiry revealed her background.

Now the family court judge has ordered Bath and North East Somerset Council to pay an estimated Pfund750,000 towards the cost of that case.

In 1995, Mrs Barnes – then employed by Avon County Council – pleaded guilty to asking someone to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

She received a two-year suspended sentence and was dismissed by the council.

However, Bath and North East Somerset (Banes) took her on in 2005 as a child protection manager.


Last year, Mrs Barnes is alleged to have lied under oath in a child protection case and asked another social worker to lie in court as well.

The judge in the case, Judge Paul Barclay, was appalled and carried out his own inquiries into Mrs Barnes’ past.

He published his report into the case last week after Mrs Barnes failed in an application to the Court of Appeal to have her identity withheld.

Judge Barclay has now ordered Banes to pay half the court costs of the complicated and multi-party family court proceedings.

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