Partnership Committee responds to city child protection report

July 1, 2009

The committee responsible for coordinating the protection of children and young people in the North-east of Scotland has responded to the findings of a follow-up report on provision in Aberdeen city.

HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIe), which carried out an inspection during April this year, published its report on Wednesday, June 24.

Inspectors examined how the agencies work individually and together to protect children and assessed progress made on points identified for action in the initial report published last November.

The agencies tasked with child protection in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray, are members of the North East Scotland Child Protection Committee (NESCPC).

NESCPC chairman Chief Constable Colin McKerracher welcomed the report on behalf of the committee.

Chief Constable Colin McKerracher said: “I am pleased this report recognises all the good work and improvements made in Aberdeen.

“Agencies and their staff have worked closely together and this helps us all to strengthen services for children across the city.

“We must now continue driving forward improvements to ensure children across the city and the North-east of Scotland provide the best possible outcomes.”

Aberdeen City Council Chief Executive Sue Bruce said: “It is very encouraging to see the progress made to date.

“The report recognises the progress made in the areas identified for action. This is a very good start on our long-term programme to improve services for vulnerable children.

“Staff at all levels have worked very hard to implement the changes made to date and I am confident that their continued commitment will bring about further improvements to these vital services.”

Aberdeen City Council Social Care and Wellbeing Programme Director Philip Cotterill added: “Significant advances have been made since the initial inspection last November.

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