Brandon father’s ‘shock’ at child protection report

June 24, 2009

BRANDON MUIRS father John was in shock when he learned that a report on Dundees child protection services had highlighted so many major deficiencies, his family said yesterday.

Johns sister Dayna Garty called for the immediate resignation of Alan Baird, the citys director of social work, and recently-appointed chairman of the committee overseeing child protection in the city.

She said they also feel for other children who have been let down by child protection services in Dundee.

Its all very well for them to say theyre sorry and it wont happen again but they always wait until its too late, she added. They are all for giving people chances but that means its the kids who get hurt.

Brandon was just 23 months old when he was killed by Robert Cunningham, his mothers boyfriend.

The case prompted the Scottish Governments children and early years minister Adam Ingram to bring forward the results of an inspection on Dundees child services.

That inspection, headed by Her Majestys Inspectorate of Education (HMIE), found nine of the 19 quality indicators that they considered were either weak or unsatisfactory and it uncovered major problems in the identification of children at risk and the provision of a speedy response to their needs.

Although Brandons family has always been highly critical of the role they feel social services played in the toddlers death, even they were shocked by the damning report, Dayna told The Courier.

I definitely didnt think it was going to come out as bad as it did, she said.

I was absolutely appalled when I read it in the paper. There were so many sectors which were unsatisfactory.

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