Hertsmere boss was suspended from another authority

June 11, 2009


THE chief executive of Hertsmere Borough Council was suspended three years ago from Enfield Council.

Donald Graham was suspended from the Enfield authority in July 2006, shortly before he was made redundant.

Enfield refused to reveal why the former director of housing was suspended, saying it was bound by confidentiality agreements.

Mr Graham also said he is unable to explain the details because he is still bound by the agreement but called it a non-issue.

Mr Graham, previously a corporate director with Newport City Council, was chosen by the borough council in the autumn last year after a vigorous selection process.

Last week Enfield Council was found by a Government watchdog to have breached four sections of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act by not responding to a resident who asked why Mr Graham had been suspended.

Rajesh Katkoria, from Edmonton, complained to the commissioner on October 13, 2006, after failing to get an answer to his request.

Nearly three years later, Gerald Tracey, the assistant commissioner, finally ruled that the council used the law correctly, but he criticised the authority for not responding to Mr Katkorias original request.

Mr Tracey decided no further steps would be taken to safeguard the rights and interests of Mr Graham.

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