Assembly should set up inquiry into clerical child abuse

June 1, 2009

Professor Tom Inglis, from University College, Dublin, speaking on BBCs Radio Ulster (May 24) stated that the Ryan Commission report into child abuse had confirmed that the Catholic Church had unleashed a cohort of perverts into Irish society.

He highlighted the power that the Church had exercised over many years and the blind eye that was turned to the foul abuse of that power by successive governments in the Republic.

The Ryan Report has raised the whole question of why on earth care and education of children in Ireland should continue to be entrusted to such a vilely tarnished institution, which even now has failed to make proper amends for its criminal wrongdoings over the years.

Why is the Catholic Church not offering up known pervert priests and nuns for prosecution?

Why does it continue to intimidate victims and refuse to pay them proper levels of compensation?

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